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Pediatric UPDATE, now entering its 38th year, was developed to bring pediatricians up-to-date with the critical information needed to keep current in their practice of pediatrics, and to provide them with the tools needed to continue their medical education. Each issue features a focused discussion of the most recent clinical findings by a moderator and two medical authorities who have been selected for their in-depth knowledge of that month's topic.

Every discussion is edited for content and clarity and is provided on an audio CD that you can access while driving, exercising, or at any other convenient time. A printed transcript is also included with the subscription material for ready reference.

With our latest technology, if you choose, you can easily download Pediatric UPDATE's MP3 audio directly to your computer, iPod, or other mobile MP3 player. PDF text files of the transcripts are also available for downloading, and the tests for CME credits can be taken online. The timely information brought to you monthly may also help you with your maintenance of certification exam.

  • Pediatric UPDATE offers you a format you won't find among any other educational audio/print programs. By participating in the test phase, and entering your answers on your personalized "Post-test" form (or on the internet), your answers will be graded and a test report with corrected answers will be sent to you quarterly. If an answer was incorrect, reference will be made to the page and paragraph number in the transcript as to where the relevant portion of the discussion can be found to support the correct answer. This added feature will enhance your learning experience and promote a greater understanding and retention of information.
  • Listen, Learn and Earn up to 36 AMA PRA Category 1 credit hours each year with a system proven to work!
  • Top-quality digital recordings feature today's most sophisticated advances in audio engineering and to provide you with "sound" of the utmost clarity so you will never miss a word of the discussion.

2017 - 2018 Editorial Advisory Board

Kirstin A. Lee, MD (Editor-in-Chief) - St. Louis, MO
Cheryl L. Grave, RN, MSN, CPNP - St. Louis, MO
Lisa M. Moscoso, MD, PhD - St. Louis, MO
Louis J. Muglia, MD, PhD - St. Louis, MO
Joseph W. St. Geme III, MD - St. Louis, MO
Andrew J. White, MD - St. Louis, MO
Allyson R. Zazulia, MD - St. Louis, MO

About Washington University School of Medicine


Founded in 1891, responding to a national concern for improving doctors' training, the Washington University administration established a medical department. Based in Saint Louis, Missouri, the School of Medicine has a rich history of success in research, education, and patient care

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